John Jay College "Marc Sageman: Leaderless Jihad" 講演会 福田充(コロンビア大学)

Dr. Marc Sageman
"Leaderless Jihad: Radicalization in the West."
Friday seminar of the semester on October 3 in Room 630T of John Jay College.
PM 2:30.Center on Terrorism.

今回は、John Jay College,Center on Terrorismでのセミナーにおいて、ヨーロッパにおける

John Jay College,Center on Terrorismの校舎。 司会のCharles B. Strozier教授が、博士を紹介。
Charles B. Strozier教授が毎週金曜日にスピーカーを招いてセミナーを開催。 Marc Sageman博士の研究方法は非常に実証的で説得力がある。
Marc Sageman博士のトークもわかりやすく面白いと評判である。 パワーポイントを使ってわかりやすいプレゼン。これが問題のモデル。

Dr. Marc Sageman, a Senior Research Fellow at our Center on Terrorism and
currently the first Resident Scholar of the New York Police Department, is
the founder of Sageman Consulting, LLC. He holds various academic
positions at the University of Pennsylvania, the University of Maryland
and national think tanks, such as the Foreign Policy Research Institute.
After graduating from Harvard, he obtained an M.D. and a Ph.D. in
sociology from New York University. After a tour as a flight surgeon in
the U.S. Navy, he joined the Central Intelligence Agency in 1984. He spent
a year on the Afghan Task Force then went to Islamabad from 1987 to 1989,
where he ran the U.S. unilateral programs with the Afghan Mujahedin, and
New Delhi from 1989 to 1991. In 1991, he resigned from the agency to
return to medicine. He completed a residency in psychiatry at the Hospital
of the University of Pennsylvania. Since 1994, he has been in the private
practice of forensic and clinical psychiatry, and had the opportunity to
evaluate about 500 murderers. After 9/11/01, he started collecting
biographical material on some 400 al Qaeda terrorists to test the validity
of the conventional wisdom on terrorism. This research has been published
as Understanding Terror Networks (University of Pennsylvania Press 2004)
and more recently as Leaderless Jihad (University of Pennsylvania, 2008).
He may be the only individual to have testified before both the 9/11
Commission in the U.S. and the Beslan Commission in Russia. As an expert
on al Qaeda and related terrorist organizations, he has consulted with
various branches of the U.S. government, including the National Security
Council, the Department of Defense, the Combatant Commanders, the National
Laboratories, the Department of Homeland Security, various agencies in the
U.S. Intelligence Community and various law enforcement agencies. He has
lectured at many universities, including Harvard University, the
University of Pennsylvania, MIT, the University of Chicago, the University
of Michigan, the University of California at Berkeley, and John's Hopkins
University. He has also consulted with foreign government (France,
Australia, Spain, Canada, Germany, Britain) and lectured extensively at
foreign universities.